Communication Development | Messaging Mastery | Book Writing

Guiding ambitious professionals to enhanced expression. 

An author, professional speaker, radio host, professor and consultant, Rachel Olsen is your guide to achieving your goals through communication.

Have a message you want to share? As a communication strategist, Rachel Olsen will help you understand your personal communication style, hone your message, and present it with clarity and confidence. 

Need better collaboration or communication among your team? With a statistically validated communication measurement and years’ experience coaching teams to higher performance, Rachel Olsen delivers.

Writing a book? Rachel’s expertise not only refines presentations and team interactions, but also extends to narrative development and editing for those with publishing ambitions.

Whether you want help with communication confidence, message structure, slide deck creation, the art of having challenging conversations or developing team cohesion, Rachel Olsen has your solution. 

No matter your goal or profession, great communication will be key to achieving your vision. Rachel offers personalized communication coaching for successful professionals striving for real impact. 

Rachel Olsen wearing gold